Please note that the spa tent, yoga and treatments will not be available between the 6-13th of September 2019 as we are running a retreat in Devon. The campsite will be available as usual. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Down time at Bert’s

Yoga- Aromatherapy- Reiki


Yoga classes for adults and kids are run by Jane either in the Barn or in the meadow depending on the weather. Classes are £10 per person and all levels are welcome.

Jane became a yoga teacher after completing her yoga qualification, with the British wheel of yoga. She is also is a qualified Pilates Matwork teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Aromatherapist.

Her classes are for everyone, so you can find your own peace and joy within each moment surrounded by the mountains and sea air.

Afternoon sessions are restorative and yoga nidra which are deeply relaxing with little movement. These are really good after travelling.

Morning sessions are based on hatha, which will be very gentle and awakening. A great way to start your day.
£10 per class


Join us for group meditation daily at 10am by the Spa Tent. £10 for 3 days or £5 per session. All proceeds go to the Nepali Children Trust

The meditation is suitable for beginners and is a relaxing way to start the day.



A traditional Japanese hands on healing technique, using gently touch to stimulate your bodies natural healing.

This Japanese healing technique can help to induce a sense of relaxation as well as release from tension.

During a Reiki session hands are placed on the body which can help to bring about balance in your natural life force. When we are stressed or have disease in the body the natural life force is said to be out of balance and this treatment can help restore the natural life force.

This can be booked with Jane in the spa tent. Appointments are 1 hr and must be booked in advance.

 £60 per Hour

Aromatherapy is gentle massage technique, which applies specifically selected, essential oils in a base oil, directly onto the skin, to be absorbed by the body and into the blood stream.

Essential oils are extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves and roots or other parts of a plant to provide relief from stress, tension, as well as other physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. This treatment allows you time out, for you to reconnect with yourself, as well as the possible benefits from the chosen essential oils.

Aromatherapy as a treatment, can be booked for an hour with Jane in the Spa Tent.

£60 per Hour

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